REVIEW: Canadian Grand Prix 2016 – Qualifying

Forget the film, but it certainly was fast and furious out on track.canadaqualis

Thankfully the rain held off, there were a few spots but nothing more.

Q1 was fairly uneventful. Rio Haryanto of Manor smacked a wall and ended up with a puncture and limped back to finish in 21st, ahead of Kevin Magnusson who didn’t take part in qualifying having totalled his Renault in FP3.

With a couple of minutes to go it looked like Pascal Wehrlein, of Manor, would make it into Q2, which would have been a first for the team. I had everything crossed for them, however, it wasn’t enough and he was knocked back down to 18th by Jolyon Palmer of Renault and Carlos Sainz. However, he did beat both the Saubers.

As James Allen noted before Q2 started the difference in times between P7 and P13 was 2/10th of a second which made the line-up for a great scrap among the middle-of-the-field players.

This was the session the rain was due, it came, very briefly and left almost as quickly.

Q2 got red flagged when Carlos Sainz not only kissed the Wall of Champions, but decided to give it a nuzzle as well. Thankfully he was OK and play resumed fairly swiftly.

With a couple of minutes to go and most of the field back out on track as the time differences were super tight, I wondered whether Ferrari would send Vettel out again. Tense few moments as the clock ticked down, would other improve to knock him out?

As it happened, no!

Gutted for Jenson, just literally squeezed out of a spot in Q3 in the dying seconds. Did love Alonso’s reaction to the fact he did make it into Q3, “Wooo! he-he!”

Then down to the show-down. With the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s looking menacing would they grab pole away from Mercedes’ clutches?

Nope. In the end Mercedes locked out the front row, with Lewis putting in, what looked to me, like a belter of a lap and taking home pole for the team.

But with less than 1 second separating P1 and P8, and with the prospect of rain on the horizon, tomorrow’s race looks like it could be very interesting indeed 😉

I’ll be glued.

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