Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

Yes, you read correctly, this week it’s the top 10 funniest tweets.


Because I had so many to choose from, you guys were on fire this afternoon during the most exciting race so far. It was super difficult.

I managed to get the tweets down to 10, but couldn’t quite manage (or have the heart) to select just five, all these 10 were worthy entries.

So, without further ado, here are the Funniest Tweet Awards for the Bahrain Grand Prix 2017:

First, an honorary mention – this tweet popped up in my timeline towards the end of the race. So a big mention to Stoffel Vandoorne for this tweet, proving that racing drivers sometimes need a sense of humour:


But, back to the main event and the top 10. In tenth place is @LastLapPodcast for this tweet following Lance Stroll’s exit from the race courtesy of one Carlos Sainz Jr.

stroll crash

In 9th place is the first of two entries by @stargateoracle – during an afternoon McLaren would most likely want to forget, what with Vandoorne not actually starting and Alonso retiring two laps from the end, the meme’s about Honda engines were flying thick and fast, especially when we managed to pick up Alonso FM:

honda power

8th place goes to @bouncebckbltrx for this great tweet about Kimi reporting his car issues to the pit wall:


7th was this tweet is @coledinho1984 for this tweet about how Jolyon Palmer might explain Alonso (and his Honda engine) passing him not once, but twice!!!


Just outside the top 5 in 6th place is everyone’s favourite F1 Team twitter account @RenaultSportF1 celebrating the return of Kimi FM – much as we love Alonso FM, nothing quite beats Kimi FM:


So, here are the top 5. In 5th place is @stargateoracle’s 2nd entry for this tweet following Max Verstappen’s retirement due to loss of brakes:


4th place is last year’s champion @BadgerGP for this tweet at the beginning of the race when Vettel was piling the pressure on Valteri Bottas:


In 3rd place @MisterPigz for this tweet when Alonso’s car was actually racing and overtaking cars. Camel racing at its best:


This week’s runner-up is @TarasDemerson for this tweet, which again was towards the beginning(ish) of the race when Bottas was feeling the heat from Vettel:


And ladies and gentlemen, this week’s worthy winner is @mediumpete for this hilarious tweet about the state of the Honda engine. This made me laugh out loud:


So, the tweets are getting funnier and like this season’s title fight is going to be a very close fought competition.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning kudos and bragging rights until the next grand prix, make sure I’m following you on Twitter. Best way to do that is follow me and I’ll follow back – @Pitlane_Girl

And so we move on to Russia in two weeks. Anybody got any good ideas for a blog post between now and then?? Russian theme or not ;

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