Top 5 Funniest Tweets – Russian Grand Prix 2017

Apart from the first and last couple of laps, that really wasn’t a grand prix worth writing home about.

Brilliant drive from Valteri Bottas gave him his first ever F1 win and has certainly set the scene for a tense championship battle over the rest of the season.

Despite the lack of hard action on the track, you didn’t disappoint on the tweet front. There were some very funny ones today. So without further ado, let’s get going with the Funniest Tweet Awards for the Russian Grand Prix 2017

First a couple of honorary mentions:

Honorary mention 1 to @f1_reactions for this tweet after Alonso didn’t even start the race, stopping on the formation lap with an ERS problem…

hon 1

Honorary mention 2 to @coledinho1984 for this tweet following a TV shot of Toto Wolff. To be fair, I could have done an entire post of memes on this picture alone – at least 3 filtered through my timeline:


But the Top 5 Funniest Tweets for the Russian Grand Prix 2017 are:

In 5th place is @F1onNBCSports for this tweets during the race:


4th place goes to @GvanderGarde for this tweet after THAT Palmer and Grosjean crash at the start of the race:


In 3rd place is this tweet, via Instagram, from @karunchandhok after Alonso’s early exit from the race:


This week’s runner-up is @TarasDemerson for this very tweet and accompanying gif where the chair is constantly being moved away from Putin (I wish there was a way of copying tweets and gifs so that the gifs still moved)


But this week’s worthy winner, in 1st place is @timwagner66 for this truly BRILLIANT tweet and THAT picture of Toto.


There were so many funny tweets, it really is getting more difficult to find the top 5, but this was my top 5 for this week.

The next round will be Spain, in a fortnight. So, if you want to be in with a shot of winning a round – nothing but kudos and bragging rights until the next race, follow me on Twitter, @Pitlane_Girl, and I’ll follow back.

In the meantime jeep flexing those funny muscles.

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