Monaco baby, yeah!

It’s the one Grand Prix most people know about and possibly the one that everyone would love to go to.

But what is it that makes the Monaco Grand Prix so attractive (for want of a better expression)?

Let’s be honest, with the exception of any crashes, it’s not exactly the most thrilling race in the calendar to watch. The circuit is so narrow overtaking is impossible, the whole 78 laps is generally just a procession.

But it’s Monaco!

There’s been a road race in Monaco since 1929. It was officially ranked as a Grand Prix in 1933, and although it was included in the new Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship in 1950, it wasn’t a continuous part of the Formula 1 circus until 1955.

According to Wikipedia The Monaco Grand Prix is “considered one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world and, with the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 forms the Triple Crown of Motorsport.”

But what makes it so special?

Is it the sunshine? Is it that it is one of the oldest racing circuits? Is it because of the prestige of being part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport?

Nope. If you ask me, it’s purely the glitz and glamour.

The super-rich looking super-glamorous on their super-yachts, enjoying the super sunshine in the South of France.

Monaco is amazing. It really is as glamorous as it looks, Ferrari’s and supercars on every corner, the people looking like they literally stepped out of a magazine, and that’s not even on race weekend!

I took SC to the Monaco Formula E-prix in 2015, which was held a couple of weeks before the F1 circus rolled into town.

Anyway, our tickets meant we were sitting on the Swimming Pool corner, so we had a perfect view of the track and the marina full of super-yachts, and yes I felt under-dressed. I’d gone under the misapprehension I was going to watch cars race, not enter a fashion pageant.

Next time I go (and yes, I will go to the F1, it’s already on my Bucket List ) I will make sure I have been St Tropez fake tanned, pack my designer glad-rags, hair extensions and full beauty kit – and I’m sure even then I’ll feel under-dressed!

But I digress, even though it wasn’t F1, it just was a surreal experience being there … in Monaco … watching a race!

It was Monaco baby. Yeah!

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