Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Canadian Grand Prix 2017

This set of awards marks the first anniversary of my ‘Funniest Tweet Awards’.

I can’t believe they’ve been going a year, and I love doing them. Each race the tweets get funnier and funnier. So much so, as you can see I have had to raise it to the Top 10, because whittling the funniest ones down to just 5 is so difficult.

But I digress, back to Canada. This time last year we had the infamous ‘Seagull Gate’ and I was a little disappointed that the seagulls did not make an appearance this year. However, the race itself was thrilling.

Thrills and spills on the track, and dare I say (spoiler alert for anyone who didn’t see it) potential team fisty cuffs in the Force India debrief session.

And the tweets kept on coming.

So, without further ado here are this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards:

In 10th place is @WiredKiwi for this response to the fact there was a very odd-looking supporter (aka a rucksack sporting a baseball cap and sunglasses) in the Mercedes garage:


9th place is awarded to @LastLapPodcast with reference to the Sainz’s first lap crash. Love a bit of Monty Python:


In 8th place is @F1onNBCSports’ response to @RenaultSportF1 about how much fun this race was.


7th place goes to @TarasDemerson for this tweet about Lance Stroll’s sister’s name…and apparently it really is Chloe Stroll.. Why would you do that to your child?


Just outside the top 5 in 6th place is @F1PaddockPass for this tweet about that unusual supporter in the Mercedes garage. Apparently he’s a new rap star…I’m so out of touch, must gen up on my rap music.


And here’s the top 5. In 5th place is @virtualstatman for giving us an inside peek into the Force India driver debrief session…


4th place goes to @wtf1official for showing us what Daniel Ricciardo could see in his mirrors as the Force India’s were bearing down on him.


In 3rd place is this tweet from @F1Nova after a few expletives were beeped out on Kvyatt FM, clearly been taking lessons from Kimi…


This week’s runner-up in 2nd place is the 2nd entry from @LastLapPodcast for this tweet following a radio transmission to Alonso from his engineer and his reply..


But this week’s winner of the Funniest Tweet Awards is once again @TimWagner for this hilarious tweet on F1 fashion. It’s not a look that would work on everyone, but I think they’re pulling off that Princess Leia hair-do


To be in with a chance of winning bragging rights and kudos until the next race follow me on Twitter @Pitlane_Girl

Next up Azerbaijan and #PlasticBagGate. Keep those funny tweets coming.

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