Top 10 Funniest Tweets – British Grand Prix 2017

What. A. Race.

I liked it, there was some fantastic wheel-to-wheel action and some not so great wheel-to-wheel action resulting in team-mates clashing together.

We had a honey badger on a rampage and a cool, calm and collected Finn stealthily moving through the ranks.

Not only that, there were some fabulously funny tweets.

But first, glad to hear that Martin Brundle is on the mend and it isn’t any thing too serious. Here’s hoping he’s back, fighting fit for Hungary in a fortnight.

And now, down to business. This week’s Funniest Tweet Awards for the 2017 British Grand Prix:

In 10th place is @F1PAddockPass for re-writing the introduction to that well-known ABBA classic ‘Fernando’ following Alonso’s retirement from the race … again!


9th place goes to @RenaultSportF1 (everyone’s favourite team twitter account) for this tweet celebrating, as we all were, the return of everyone’s favourite driver radio station … Kimi FM… or on second look, were they???


8th place goes to @Mattzel89 for this tweet about Lightning McQueen’s lack of progress through the race…


In 7th place is @ETC2500 following Max Verstappen’s determination to hold on to his place and deny Vettel the chance (or several) to pass.


6th place goes to @GvanderGarde for his google image search for the word ‘Torpedo’ – following Kvyatt’s not-so-hot wheel to wheel action with his team-mate at the beginning of the race resulting in the safety dar being deployed. And it was the first of many, many tweets about Kvyatt’s race and future…


In 5th place is @TimWagner66 – he was on fire today and could have secured all top 10 places, I had to be super strict and restrict his tweets to two inside the top 10. This is the new Toro Rosso driver line-up following THAT crash.


4th place goes to @wtf1official for this tweet following Alonso’s retirement from the race…


3rd place goes to @StargateOracle for this response to Fake Charlie Whiting’s tweet about the Force India running a huge amount of rake!


In 2nd place, and this week’s runner-up is @TechnicallyRon for sharing the subtitles for the British Grand Prix …


Ladies and gentlemen, this week’s winner in 1st place is @TimWagner66 for this tweet warning Kvyatt what may be waiting him on his drive through penalty following his latest crash…  (kind of appropriate seeing as the new Doctor is about to be revealed!!)


Congratulations to everyone who’s funny tweets made it into my timeline, and big congratulations to the top 10 winners this week.

The Funniest Tweet Awards will be back in a fortnight for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In the meantime, if you want to be in with a chance of winning … absolutely nothing but kudos and bragging rights for a fortnight, follow me on Twitter.

Til Hungary everyone.

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