Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Belgian Grand Prix 2017

Celebrating the return of Formula One after its summer break some things never change.

  1. There is ALWAYS as much online fun as there is on-track action
  2. Kimi FM and Alonso FM never fail to amuse – and boy, were they on full throttle today
  3. The Honda engine, unfortunately, still sucks!

**spoiler alert** For the army of Dutch fans who had travelled to see Max Verstappen race, they were left disappointed as his Renault engine let him down and he came to a halt trackside. Indeed, as Guido van der Garde pointed out in one of his tweets:

ver stopping 3

You do have to feel sorry for Max, that’s 6 DNFs in 12 races!

There was still plenty of on-track action courtesy of the Force India team mates who, yet again collided which resulted in the safety car being deployed.

And, both Alonso and Kimi reigned supreme with their outbursts over team radio.

All of which proved perfect fodder for some truly hilarious tweets. I’m sure I missed some corkers along the way as well. Next race, if you come across any funny tweets, make sure you retweet them to me, so I can pop them in the nomination lists.

As always, it was very difficult to cut all the tweets down to a Top 10, but cut it down to 10 I did. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen here are the Top 10 funniest tweets of the Belgian Grand Prix 2017…

In 10th place is @GvanderGarde with the view at Eau Rouge after Max and Alonso retired. Guess it was as good a place as any to watch the closing laps of the race!


9th place goes to @BaronVonClutch for this after Alonso had decried over team radio that he wanted to be left alone for the remainder of the race:


In 8th place is @thebuxtonblog questioning the stewards’ penalties. Kimi received as 10-second stop-go penalty for failing to slow for double yellow flags (coincidentally, the same penalty awarded to Vettel for playing bumper cars with Hamilton in Baku) and Perez/Ocon received no penalties for hitting each other, again and causing debris to go flying over the track:


In 7th place is current ‘Funniest Tweet Awards’ championship leader @TarasDemerson for this tweet about Alonso’s steering wheel display during part of the race:


In 6th place is @timwagner66 depicting Force India’s current team-mate strategy. We can assume, after hearing from the Force India pitwall during the race that things might change slightly going forward…


And your top 5 looks like this, in 5th place is @LastLapPodcast after hell froze over when Alonso overtook another car on the fastest part of the track:


4th place goes to the lovely @Grace_Wilko with Max Verstappen’s reaction whilst watching the end of the race only to see Ricciardo sneak through and pass Kimi and Bottas for 3rd place:


In 3rd place is everyone’s favourite Team twitter account @RenaultSportF1 as Jolyon Palmer went hunting for scalps in the form of Perez. Who doesn’t love a Star Wars meme?


Your runner-up in 2nd place is@TPSpencer88 for this truly hilarious gif of the Force India boys scrapping. I smell team orders going forward.


And this week’s winner, in 1st place is @wtf1official for an accurate report on how Verstappen feels his season is going so far:


Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 10, commiserations to those who didn’t, but believe me, it was a super difficult decision to make, and it doesn’t get any easier, you are all so brilliant.

Next stop is Monza – nearly rode a bicycle round there over the summer break. However, when I phoned up to book they were doing track repairs the day I wanted to go – must have been getting ready for an important race…

So, if you want to be in with a chance of making the Top 10 Funniest Tweets you know the drill:

  • Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl)
  • I’ll follow back
  • During the race make sure you tweet lots of funny tweets
  • Or, retweet something you find funny

You win absolutely nothing but kudos and bragging rights until the next race.

For now it’s adieu to Belgium and ciao Italy…


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