Top 5 songs that sum up the Singapore Grand Prix 2017

Before the memory of Sunday’s race fades into the distance, I thought I would try to sum up the race in five pop songs.

So here goes…

Number 5

With Vettel on pole and Lewis Hamilton staring in 5th, Mercedes’ mantra before the race was ‘damage limitation’. On a track that played to Ferrari’s strengths it was odds on that Vettel would regain the lead in the world championship title fight whilst Hamilton’s job was to try to minimise that gain.

However, bad weather in the form of a torrential downpour arrived in Marina Bay just hours before lights out. With the rain starting again half an hour before the race, one driver in particular was probably singing this little tune, “I love a rainy night‘ by Eddie Rabbitt:

Number 4

Combine the rain and driving at night, it was inevitable that there would be at least one safety car appearance during the race. However, I don’t think anyone predicted the carnage that took place at the first corner, leading to the pole-sitter and both 2nd and 3rd placed cars not making it passed the first bend.

So, at number 4 it really has to be this fab tune by The Primitives, ‘Crash‘:

Number 3

Once the race concluded, it was down to Hamilton to profess that having needed a miracle, he certainly got one. So, making it onto the list at number three has to be Hot Chocolate with ‘Sexy Thing‘:

Number 2

Whilst Hamilton, Ricciardo and Bottas celebrated the spoils on the podium the three drivers who crashed out were left licking their wounds and blaming each other. With the stewards ruling that there was no one to blame, social media had other ideas laying the cause squarely at the feet of Vettel.

Number 2’s song is quite simply Elton John with  ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word‘:

Number 1

Following ‘that crash’, there was ‘that tweet’ from Ferrari:

So pop-pickers, this has to be top of the pops for the Singapore Grand Prix 2017, EMF with ‘Unbelievable‘!

Enjoy 😉

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