Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2017

Well, that’s it.

The season is over. The fat lady has sung, the fireworks have lit up the sky around the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, a new logo has been revealed and we have seen racing cars without halos for the very last time.

The race wasn’t exactly one to write home about, the only thing that lit up the track were the fireworks at the end. But even with a lack of action on-track, the action on my Twitter timeline was fast and furious.

So, here for the last time are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for 2017:

In 10th place is @micky_h76 with the breaking news on Renault’s new wheel nut handler for 2018, following Sainz’s unfortunate incident when his tyre wheel nuts were not put on properly during his pit stop causing his retirement from the race:


In 9th place is @Smokin_Rebel for this tweet. Next season, whether we like it or not, halos/flip-flops will be on the cars…maybe we will get used to them, like Crofty says:


8th place goes to @F1onNBCSports for this tweet showing how Verstappen was moving his way through the back-marker traffic. Let’s face it, this was pretty much the only overtaking being done on track today!


In 7th place is @dibhayles with live footage from Abu Dhabi airport and the rogue wheel from Sainz’s car finding its way onto the runway…


In 6th place is @TarasDemerson for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement due to hydraulic issues:


And here’s your top 5. In 5th place is @timwagner66 for a live view of Kevin Magnusson’s crew getting ready for a quick underwear swap following his lap one spin:


4th place goes to @ChrisMedlandF1 for the shots we didn’t see of the track marshalls trying to remove Sainz’s stricken Renault:


In 3rd place is @stargateoracle on the difficulties of trying to find the Ferrari’s during the race. Due to Mercedes’ dominance on this track, the Ferrari’s were nowhere to be seen:


In 2nd place is @iGPManager for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement, as he was caught asking for directions to the post-race hospitality:


And here we go, the final winner of the season, in 1st place is @andersonlaura12 for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement. It says it all:


So, that wraps up the 2017 Funniest Tweet Awards.

But, this is a competition, so who has come out on top? Who is the 2017 Funniest Tweeter?

Funniest Tweet Champion 2017

Are you ready? Drum roll please…

This year’s winner of the Funniest Tweet Championship is @timwagner66 who scored 163 points over the course of the season.

Runner-up is @tarasdemerson with 151 points, and in 3rd place with 125 points is @stargateoracle

The championship will be back next season, so get practising over the winter if you want to take part.

But have no fear, keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter account (@pitlane_girl) as I will be running the ‘Ultimate Funniest Tweet of 2017’ in the next couple of weeks, to help with the F1 withdrawal symptoms.

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