Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Chinese Grand Prix 2018

With an early alarm call, the first few laps of the race were not the best to write home about. No overtaking, procession status had been established, cue for another 50 laps of dullness.

But then, last week’s star Pierre Gasly had a little meeting with his team-mate which resulted in a safety car. Some drivers took advantage of this and dived into the pits, and when the safety car came back in the race came alive.

With all the ensuing on-track action the funny tweets really came alive.

As usual the judging decision was really difficult, so many funny ones to choose from, but choose I did.

So here are the results of this week’s Funniest Tweet Awards:

In 10th place is @f1trackchat for this tweet as Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Lewis Hamilton for third after the safety car restart


9th place goes to @F1archives following Ferrari’s strategy for Kimi, leaving him out whilst all about him were pitting and when they eventually pit him he ends up in 6th.


8th place goes to @dibhayles for bringing up the possibility of a ‘you-know-what’ happening on the podium


In 7th place is @coledinho1984 dedicating the newest award in the paddock to last week’s superstar driver, Pierre Gasly, following his clash with his team-mate


@GrandPrixDiary gets 6th place for this tweet as Daniel Ricciardo put his foot down after the safety car restart


In 5th place is @Stambalova following Mad Max’s rash/impetuous/feisty* attempt at overtaking Vettel (* delete as you see fit)


4th place goes to @Tiametmarduk with a new conspiracy theory about the Toro Rosso crash …


3rd place goes to @LastLapPodcast for accurately depicting Gasly’s move on his team-mate


In 2nd place is @ScuderiaF1Pod for this tweet about Max’s overtake on Vettel


This week’s winner, in 1st place is the wonderfully funny @GvanderGarde doing his David Attenborough impression following the Toro Rosso crash


Thank you, as always for all the tweets. Without you, these awards could not take place.

If you would like to take part in the original (accept no other imitations) Funniest Tweet Awards all you need do is:

  • Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl)
  • I will follow back
  • During the race tweet away
  • I choose the 10 funniest that appear in my timeline

You win … absolutely nothing but bragging rights and kudos until the following race. However, I do run a championship over the year, so every time you appear in the top 10, you win points, just like the F1 drivers and at the end of the year I award an overall champion.

Next up, Baku – always fun there 😉

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