Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Canadian Grand Prix 2018

So, for a track that promises so much overtaking there seemed to be a distinct lack of it!

70 long laps in the Montreal sunshine, where the only excitement occurred on lap 1 and we could just and watch the strategic management of tyres, engines and the odd bit of excitement during the pitstops.

Although, if you were on Twitter, there was a refreshingly honest, and at times savagely honest, ‘ask Nico’ Q&A session going on.

Talking of Twitter, there was a plethora of funny tweets which made my job to judge this week’s Funniest Tweet Awards extremely difficult. Thankfully, this week I did have my small co-judge to help me.

And judge we did. So without further ado here are this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards:

In 10th place is @ForceIndiaF1 declaring they had unravelled the mystery of how the Haas of Romain Grosjean managed 45 laps on the hypersoft tyres, when they should only last about 19


9th place  goes to @ymcofficial with an onboard view of Vettel during the race

In 8th place is @DC_F1 for an exclusive peek into the Mercedes garage during the closing stages of the race… who can forget #SeagullGate of 2016??


In 7th place is @chainbearf1 explaining to anyone who joined the race late what they were missing – is it wrong to say the fun goes out of watching the race when overtaking is distinctly lacking and it does all come down to strategy and engine/tyre management?? (I know not every race can be ‘edge-of-your seat’ exciting, but for a track that’s great for overtaking, it was just a little bit of a let-down)

6th place goes to @Mattzel89 for this tweet following Stroll and Hartley’s little incident on lap 1.


5th place goes to @BadgerGP sending a request for a cleaner to help sweep up the mess left following the lap 1 carnage.

In 4th place is @PhortonF1 following Kimi’s radio communication when his engineer told him to ‘ignore the lamb’!! I knew I wasn’t the only one who heard that…

In 3rd place is @racingjokes for another tweet relating to Hartley and Stroll’s lap 1 incident. I didn’t know kiwi’s could fly! (But seriously I hope Hartley is OK, as I understand he has gone to hospital for precautionary scans)


2nd place goes to @stargateoracle for this tweet following Hamilton’s pitstop where his engineers stripped a bit of the car off to help with the car’s overheating problem

This week’s winner, in 1st place is a tweet thread that started with this…

and prompted this …


So congratulations @MinxyD14 and @PlanetOfTheApex for giving us an exclusive peek into ABBA’s new single ….

Thank you for all the funny tweets we had to choose from this week. I wish I could choose them all, I really do have a difficult time choosing my favourites.

If you want to join in at the next F1 race simple follow me on Twitter and then post funny tweets between lights out and the chequered flag.

You win nothing but bragging rights and Kudos until the following race, and all entries in the Top 10 are given points in the Funniest Tweet Award Championship, where at the end of the F1 season I reveal the season’s Funniest Tweet Champion.

And with Canada over and done with we move back to Europe to the country where the hills are alive with the sound of engines.

So until Austria, have fun and get practising those funny tweets.

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