Why can’t people get along and love each other?

I don’t really know how, or where to start this, so forgive me in advanced if it seems like a bit of a ramble.

I love cars, I love Motorsports and I love the Motorsports family I have found through Twitter and my blog.

But today, I feel saddened by the actions of so-called fans and their online vitriol hurled at Mercedes.

There have been several tweeters on my timeline saying how unsavoury this is and that Twitter, for Motorsports fans is not fun anymore.

I find this sad beyond measure.

Just like any other sport, in Motorsports there is no place for nastiness and vitriol.

For sure, I follow certain drivers and teams, but for me it’s the adrenaline of the racing.

It doesn’t matter who wins. Every team and every driver are going to have their good days, their off days and their downright ‘I wish I’d stayed in bed’ days.

They, like the rest of us, are only human. And the drivers, team members, team twitter media account persons or anyone else deserves such abuse.

Unfortunately, the presence of social media means that a bad decision is broadcast to however million people are watching and some people then feel it is OK to hurl abuse from behind the safety of their keyboard.


To Mercedes – on behalf of all Motorsports fans I apologise for the minority. It was, as you say, a bad day at the office, but next week is another race. We love all the team Twitter accounts, especially all the banter between you, so please don’t ever stop.

To all Motorsports fans – I read once that you can’t eradicate nastiness with more nastiness, you can only neutralise it with love.

So, why not add this image to your social media header, let’s spread the Motorsports family love and, as Bill and Ted said: “Be excellent to each other!”

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