Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – British Grand Prix 2018

I don’t know about you, but I need a lie-down in a darkened room after that race.

When F1 delivers a great race, you know you’ve not just watched it but lived it as you experience the highs and lows through each and every corner.

And boy, Silverstone 2018 will certainly go down as one of the stand out races of this season.

With Lewis Hamilton grabbing pole by 44 milliseconds it was always going to be interesting going into the first corner, but who would have predicted that by turn 3 on lap one the pole sitter would be last.

With that and Perez spinning across the pit lane entrance we had the start of a cracking race.

And like the race, the tweets did not disappoint either. Some truly hilarious, laugh out loud ones this week, so without further mutterings from me, here are this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards from the British Grand Prix 2018:

Starting off with an honorary mention for the cutest ‘box, box, box’ tweet seen during the race, courtesy of @F1Loopy:

In 10th place is @SkySportsF1 showing live scenes from the safety car garage during the race

9th place goes to @stargateoracle for live scenes from the Mercedes strategy team office…

8th place goes to @TPSpencer88 asking the one question that’s been on everyone’s lips this season after all of Grosjean’s ‘misfortunes’…


In 7th place is @f1trackchat with an accurate observation from the Williams’ cars that started from the pit lane and encountered a spinning pink panther as they started their race!

6th place goes to @dibhayles with video footage of all the other drivers as Vettel asked, over the team radio, if the safety car could slow down…

In 5th place is @Beomoose for the reaction to his observation of the crash between Grosjean and Sainz

4th place goes to @GvanderGarde showing the lengths some F1 drivers will go to say ‘hi’ to their mates during the race!

In 3rd place is @andersonlaura12 who tweeted this footage of Kimi after he signed off a radio communication saying he wasn’t allowed to think anymore…

In 2nd place is @Jontys_Corner for this tweet after the first pit stops when the only cars on the track with a different tyre compound were the two Renaults…

This week’s winner in 1st place is @StephenCole1984 for this last-minute tweet as Alonso crossed the line to take the last points – certainly didn’t have that outcome in my GP Fantasy League….

And that, is the last grand prix of the season’s triple header.

A week off before we head to Germany (and I’ve got a really good F1 Bake Off for that 😉 )

If you want to take part at the next grand prix, it’s super easy.

Simply follow me on Twitter and tweet your funniest tweets during the race (make sure you tag me, otherwise I could miss it) and if I spot them they will get on the list from which I choose the top 10.

So, that’s it for this week.

See you in Hockenheim 😉

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