Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Belgian Grand Prix 2018

After a four-week break, all the anticipation and excitement of the race quickly evaporated.

Aside from that crash on lap one that saw *spoiler alert* Alonso go flying over Charles Leclerc having been punted from behind by Hulkenberg, the rest of the race was pretty non-existent. There were a few tussles, but it was pretty much just a procession.

Not going to go down as a classic.

The tweets that filtered through my timeline on the other hand more than made up for any lack of track action.

With the assistance of small pitlane boy, we have decided on this week’s top 10. But before we get to that, there is an honorary mention. We all love the inter-team banter that goes on, on twitter, and this tweet goes to show there is some motivational banter as well…

inter team motivation

But without further ado, here are this weeks Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Belgian Grand Prix 2018:

In 10th place is @RachelBrookesTV for this tweet during the ‘battle’ for fourth place, as Bottas tried to get passed Perez…

9th place goes to @timwagner66 and the thoughts going through Romain Grosjean’s mind after that first corner crash …


8th place goes to @HondaRacingF1 following Bottas’s overtake of Gasly – my timeline was peppered with shark gifs today!!!

In 7th place is @TarasDemerson for this tweet after the 1st corner …

In 6th place is @RJoseRazoJr for this tweet following a rather desperate sounding radio call from Max Verstappen in the latter stages of the race asking about the probability of rain…

5th place goes to @SimonGBrooks for this tweet about the domino effect pf the 1st corner crash…

In 4th place is @RenaultSportF1 with another shark-inspired tweet as Carlos Sainz Jr had the Williams’ cars in his sights…

3rd place goes to @Jontys_Corner accurately showing how Stoffel Vandoorne managed to avoid the carnage on the 1st corner, despite starting at the back of the field…

2nd place goes to @dibhayles for this tweet as we all wondered how (and when) Bottas snuck past the Force Indias …

This week’s winner, in 1st place is @stargateoracle for this hilarious tweet summing up what Alonso was thinking on the 1st corner …


It was a difficult decision, but thank you to everyone for all the funny tweets.

And the good news is, there’s another round next week as the F1 circus rolls into Monza.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and how you can join in, it couldn’t be simpler.

Simply follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and during the race – from lights out to the chequered flag – simply tweet funny tweets. They should filter through my timeline, but to be definitely sure that I see them tag me in the tweets. You win nothing but kudos and bragging rights until the next race, and you do score points in the overall season championship.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s top 10, I’m off to try to work out what to cook for the Italian Job F1 Bake Off challenge 😉

See you in Monza.

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