Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – US Grand Prix 2018

Oh. My. God! What a race and a half that was?

That was brilliant from start to finish, not only on the track, but also in terms of funny tweets. I picked up my funniest, but just couldn’t whittle them down from 12 to 10.

So, I’ve decided to include them as 11th and 12th places, they just don’t score any points in the championship.

Talking of championships, who was on the edge, if not out of their seats as Hamilton attempted to pass Verstappen in the closing laps. That was close, fair and great racing from both drivers.

Having been given a 3-point grid penalty for not slowing down enough during a red flag on Friday, Vettel certainly had the red mist in his eyes again at the beginning of the race. In his ‘panicked haste’ to make up places he made contact with Ricciardo on the first lap and spun … again!

A case of Groundhog Day all over again as he had to clamber back up the field from near the back.

Lap one was rather eventful, but aside from the top 5 drivers we saw no televised action from the mid-field, and there was definitely some going on. I guess, from the point of view of television viewers they assumed we’d all want to watch the battle for championship.

The whole race was brilliant, and the best past was Kimi finally winning a race after 5 long years. No one can be unhappy at that!

The ‘fight for five’ battle moves on to next week, in the meantime there’s another championship drawing to a close, this season’s Funniest Tweet Awards.

As mentioned earlier, I really couldn’t get 12 funny tweets down to 10, so I’ve taken the decision (I am head judge after all) to keep all 12 in.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado here are the Funniest Tweet Awards for the US Grand Prix 2018:

In 12th place is @alancavy showing what happens when Daniel Ricciardo gets into his Red Bull at the moment (hopefully it’ll get better next year at Renault???)

In 11th place is @krustylicious for actual footage of the new nose-cam being activated (I loved the nose-cam view, they have it in Formula E which is fab when they get super close to each other)

10th place goes to @Mr_Hardy for the Ferrari marketing team’s decision to publish a new book… (coming soon to a bookstore near you)

9th place goes to @micky_h76 … “did anyone else hear that noise?” was a common tweet early on in the race. Someone said it was someone on Channel 4 making the noise, however it was picked up, apparently, on all feeds worldwide. It was certainly on Sky and the Netherlands. It was definitely a cause of much hilarity and I think whoever did it needs a full time job each race making the noise…it made me laugh…

In 8th place is @dibhayles for this tweet as Hamilton made his move on Verstappen in the closing stages of the race …

In 7th place is @Jontys_Corner for an accurate depiction of Vettel’s races since Germany…

6th place goes to @timwagner66 for showing Daniel Ricciardo’s mood as he walked back to the pits after his car failed … again!!

5th place goes to @TarasDemerson after we were shown a Ferrari foot twitching. Proof positive that the twitchy leg syndrome had spread to the Ferrari pit wall ….

4th place goes to @AapoKangas for this tweet depicting Vettel’s second half of the season…

In 3rd place is @banterf1 with this picture of Seb writing to Charlier Whiting after the race with his wish list …

2nd place goes to @MeindertAcdaF1 for actual video footage of Hamilton trying to nurse the blistered soft tyres he put on on lap 11, before Mercedes finally pitted him for a second time…

This week’s winner, in 1st place, for a tweet that made me roar with laughter is @MrRoryReid for this tweet after Vettel went spinning following his contact with Ricciardo.

And there you have it. This week’s Funniest Tweet Awards for the US Grand Prix 2018.

Sorry, if your tweet didn’t make the list, and if you want to see all the contenders they are all on my Twitter feed.

The good news is, we don’t have to wait too long for the next Funniest Tweet Awards as Formula 1 moves to Mexico next weekend.

If you want to take part, simply follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and during the race tweet something funny (about the race) and make sure you tag me, so I don’t miss it.

See you next week in Mexico.

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