F1 Bake Off – Round 21 – Abu Dhabi

Well, we’ve reached the final round of the F1 Bake Off challenge.

What can I say?

It’s been a blast – some bakes have been great, some a complete disaster and others surprising. It’s certainly been a journey.

But, here we are, Abu Dhabi, the end of this season. And for this week’s Bake-Off I attempt to make ‘Luqaimat – Arabian doughnuts – and are usually made in the month of Ramadan and enjoyed after iftar. (Iftar is when the fast is broken)

Two reasons to approach this recipe with caution:

  1. The recipe involves yeast – I’ve not had the greatest success rate when it’s come to yeast recipes this year
  2. The recipe calls for deep-fat frying. Something I have never done, and the mere thought gives me nightmares about chip pans catching fire and the house burning down

However, approach this recipe I did and here is the recipe I used, courtesy of “Coffee and Crumpets”



  • 3 cups/430g organic all purpose/plain flour
  • 2 teaspoon yeast (1 package)
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon organic sugar
  • 1 cup/236mL warm water
  • ½ cup/118mL warm organic milk
  • 1 organic egg, beaten
  • Oil to fry (sunflower, peanut, avocado, coconut)
  • Orange Blossom Sugar Syrup to serve
  • Powdered sugar to serve


  1. If you know your yeast is fresh and it’s an active dry yeast, you can add the flour, yeast, salt and sugar altogether in a mixer bowl
  2. If you have a food processor, mix with a paddle attachment, otherwise just stir together with a spoon
  3. Add the hand hot water and mix
  4. Add the warm milk and the egg
  5. The batter will be sticky but slightly thin
  6. Cover with a clean tea towel and put aside to rise in a warm place for about 30-45 minutes
  7. After 45 minutes check the batter, it should be very sticky and thicker now
  8. Heat oil in a wok or fryer to deep fry the doughnuts
  9. If the dough is too hard to manage add a little drop of water
    1. You want to be able to drop spoonfuls of dough into the hot oil
    2. You can use two greased teaspoons or spoons dipped in some water to help with releasing the dough
  10. Drop spoonfuls into the hot oil and agitate the dough balls with a spoon to get even colouring
    1. Make sure the oil is hot otherwise the dough won’t ball up but stay flat
    2. However, too hot an oil will brown the outside too quickly and not cook the inside
    3. Adjust the temperature as you are frying
  11. Once the balls are golden brown, drain them on a paper towel
  12. Drizzle with sugar syrup to serve or sprinkle with powdered sugar
  13. They are best eaten warm but quite acceptable room temperature too

I can confirm, my batch turned out rather well and, I must confess to a slight Homer Simpson moment as they were very, very yummy…

And here’s how I got on:


And that, as they say, is that for this season…

Do I do another F1 Bake Off season next year or mix it up with something else. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the race this weekend, and more importantly have a go at these and enjoy the doughnuts …

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