Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

Hands up who thought that was a cracker of a race?

Not so much a duel in the desert but all out combat in the desert.

I don’t think there was anywhere on that grid where jostling for position and overtaking did not happen.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc took his maiden pole in qualifying and at lights out slipped back a few places, only to claw them back. Vettel returned to form when attacked by Hamilton and ended up spinning off into infinity.

And then Ferrari reliability struck again as Leclerc’s engine started slowing down, meaning Hamilton overtook, and then Bottas. It seemed inevitable that Verstappen would claim the final podium place when both Renault cars gave up the ghost on the 55th lap.

The race finished under a safety car, and Leclerc scored his first (of many) podium. Third place clearly no consolation for what should have been the win, and I don’t think anyone watching could not feel gutted for him.

But, that’s motorsport and there will definitely be many, many more chances and wins for him.

On top of all this of course, there were all the funny tweets that filled my timeline. With Vettel seemingly starting this season as he finished last, I have decided to do an early ‘special edition’ top 10 as well.

After deliberating, cogitating and digesting all the tweets, I have come up with a top 10. These were the ones that made me snigger, giggle, or properly laugh out loud.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Bahrain Grand Prix 2019:

In 10th place is @PlanetOfTheApex for parodying The Cure song ‘Friday I’m in Love’ following Hamilton’s need to pit for a 2nd time to change his soft tyres which were ‘falling off’ rapidly, with help and inspiration from @timwagnerr66’s original tweet channelling Robert Smith of The Cure…

9th place goes to @StephenCole1984 for live footage of the moment Lando Norris overtook Kimi (yes that’s right a McLaren overtaking) for 7th position (if I remember correctly)

8th place goes to @iGPManager for this tweet early on in the race when Carlos Sainz was trying to overtake Max Verstappen for 5th place, when the inevitable happened, he got ‘maxed out’ and sustained damage to his car which left him at the back of pack, before he retired on lap 54/55, around the same time the Renault’s lost power. (But how many of you were willing that McLaren passed?)

In 7th place is @ChrisJKenworthy for this tweet early on in the race after Leclerc having slipped back to 3rd at the beginning of the race, slowly but surely crept back up and overtook Vettel…

In 6th place is @timwagner66 for this retro tweet when Crofty mentioned brown flares and vintage 70s fashion at one point in the race …

5th place goes to @FranssonTova for onboard footgae of the Gasly’s Red Bull, struggling down the field as he desperately tried to get away from the ensuing Haas and Toro Rosso … (I know it’s only 2 races in, but is anyone else feeling a little bit disappointed with Gasly’s performance so far?)

4th place goes to @F1Tricky as a new meme alert went out to the F1 community following a celebrity spotting in the Ferrari garage …

In 3rd place is @RJoseRazoJr following Hamilton’s radio call, mid-race, that he was a sitting duck on the rapidly eroding soft tyre.

In 2nd place is @LastLapPodcast and the thoughts of McLaren fans everywhere, as Stroll went to unlap himself against Max (and we all know how that ended last time a pink car tried unlapping themselves) Verstappen following Sainz’s unfortunate incident earlier in the race

This week’s winner, in 1st place is @JontysCorner and live onboard video footage of Sainz limping back to the pits following his clash with Verstappen

There were some brilliant tweets this week, and I’m sorry if yours didn’t make it into the top 10. Every single tweet I find, I like and retweet, so you can view all of the candidates on my Twitter timeline (@Pitlane_Girl) and let me know what your favourite was.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Vettel Special Edition Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards, heading this way very soon…

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