Funniest Tweet Awards Championships

The Funniest Tweet Awards are the competition to enter on Twitter during an F1 race.


… are very simple.

  1. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (I will follow back)
  2. Post funny tweets relating to the F1 race with the hashtag #FunniestTweetAwards
  3. Make sure you @ me (@Pitlane_Girl)
  4. Or retweet something you find on your timeline, but again @ me in on it too, so I can see it
  5. All tweets from lights out to the chequered flag are eligible
  6. After lights out, I choose my top 10 funniest
  7. The results will appear on the blog and on Twitter
  8. You win kudos and bragging rights until the next race

A ‘championship table’ will be kept up-to-date during the season with the ultimate Champion being crowned after the final race of the season.

Have fun tweeting 😉