Welcome to Girl in the Pitlane

Established in June 2016, Girl in the Pitlane is my lighthearted motorsport blog.

It is the home of the F1 Funniest Tweet Awards AND F1’s only Agony Aunt ‘Ask Carla’ along with some other random motorsport and car related stuff.

Latest Blog Posts

Carla’s Corner:  Why can’t new teams enter F1?

  Darlings What is all this hoo-ha about not letting new teams join in the party that is F1? What are you all afraid of? Surely you’re not scared of a little more competition are you? I’d have thought that bringing new teams into the sport would help in the never-ending tweaking to close up…

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Carla’s Corner:  Hoping for a harmonious 2023

Darlings As we step into the New Year, my wish is that we can all turn a corner, put the past behind us and, to paraphrase John Lennon: “Imagine all of F1 Twitter, living life in peace.” Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to be? It wouldn’t take much. No resolutions. No signing of charters…

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Funniest Tweet Awards: 2022 Review of Winning Tweets

  Welcome to the 2022 Review of this year’s Funniest Tweet Awards. Below you will find ALL the winning tweets from the past year. Let me know which one is your outright favourite in the comments section … and we’ll see if we can find the overall winner. Ready? Let’s go: Bahrain Grand Prix 2022…

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Carla’s Corner: F1 End of Term Reports

  Well, the F1 season is over for another year. Thankfully, this time without controversy. But what of the teams and the drivers? Well my darlings I thought I give them an end of term appraisal. Red Bull (A+) What a season! A dominant display from car performance to strategy. Both drivers worked hard to…

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