Welcome to Girl in the Pitlane

Established in June 2016, Girl in the Pitlane is my lighthearted motorsport blog.

It is the home of the F1 Funniest Tweet Awards AND F1’s only Agony Aunt ‘Ask Carla’ along with some other random motorsport and car related stuff.

Latest Blog Posts

Ask Carla: Talks Miami Misery with Mick

Ask Carla: Talks Miami Misery with Mick

Dear Carla ARGH! I can’t believe that happened. After a not-so-great qualifying, I was so close to getting my very first points in F1 … I mean the race wasn’t exactly thrilling. The track was a nightmare. It was narrow, twisty, and the barriers were concrete. Even after Sainz’s shut on Friday, his request to … Continue reading

Ask Carla: Talks Inchidents at Imola

Ask Carla: Talks Inchidents at Imola

Dear Carla I am lost for words after last week’s Imola Grand Prix. After qualifying second, I got a much better start off the line in the Sprint Race and literally sprinted away from Max. That is, until the last few laps when my tyres were losing grip, he closed up and overtook to take … Continue reading


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