Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2017

Well, that’s it.

The season is over. The fat lady has sung, the fireworks have lit up the sky around the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, a new logo has been revealed and we have seen racing cars without halos for the very last time.

The race wasn’t exactly one to write home about, the only thing that lit up the track were the fireworks at the end. But even with a lack of action on-track, the action on my Twitter timeline was fast and furious.

So, here for the last time are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for 2017:

In 10th place is @micky_h76 with the breaking news on Renault’s new wheel nut handler for 2018, following Sainz’s unfortunate incident when his tyre wheel nuts were not put on properly during his pit stop causing his retirement from the race:


In 9th place is @Smokin_Rebel for this tweet. Next season, whether we like it or not, halos/flip-flops will be on the cars…maybe we will get used to them, like Crofty says:


8th place goes to @F1onNBCSports for this tweet showing how Verstappen was moving his way through the back-marker traffic. Let’s face it, this was pretty much the only overtaking being done on track today!


In 7th place is @dibhayles with live footage from Abu Dhabi airport and the rogue wheel from Sainz’s car finding its way onto the runway…


In 6th place is @TarasDemerson for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement due to hydraulic issues:


And here’s your top 5. In 5th place is @timwagner66 for a live view of Kevin Magnusson’s crew getting ready for a quick underwear swap following his lap one spin:


4th place goes to @ChrisMedlandF1 for the shots we didn’t see of the track marshalls trying to remove Sainz’s stricken Renault:


In 3rd place is @stargateoracle on the difficulties of trying to find the Ferrari’s during the race. Due to Mercedes’ dominance on this track, the Ferrari’s were nowhere to be seen:


In 2nd place is @iGPManager for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement, as he was caught asking for directions to the post-race hospitality:


And here we go, the final winner of the season, in 1st place is @andersonlaura12 for this tweet following Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement. It says it all:


So, that wraps up the 2017 Funniest Tweet Awards.

But, this is a competition, so who has come out on top? Who is the 2017 Funniest Tweeter?

Funniest Tweet Champion 2017

Are you ready? Drum roll please…

This year’s winner of the Funniest Tweet Championship is @timwagner66 who scored 163 points over the course of the season.

Runner-up is @tarasdemerson with 151 points, and in 3rd place with 125 points is @stargateoracle

The championship will be back next season, so get practising over the winter if you want to take part.

But have no fear, keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter account (@pitlane_girl) as I will be running the ‘Ultimate Funniest Tweet of 2017’ in the next couple of weeks, to help with the F1 withdrawal symptoms.

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Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Brazil Grand Prix 2017

Well, it’s the penultimate race of the season.

Both championships may well have been wrapped up, but there’s still second place to decide, not to mention the kudos of winning this championship at stake.

It looked like we could be in for an exciting afternoon, with Hamilton starting in the pitlane, having hit the tyre wall in Q1 yesterday, Ricciardo starting in 14th, after a 10-place penalty and Felipe Massa starting his final Brazilian Grand Prix ever … for the second time.

As the action started on track, with the safety car appearing before the end of lap 1, the funny tweets filtered down my timeline in quick succession. And, as usual they were super funny, it makes my job of deciding a Top 10 really difficult.

But, decide I did, so without further ado here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Brazilian Grand Prix 2017:

In 10th place @PlanetOfTheApex for this tweet following a radio transmission from the pitwall to the Hulk on the state of his tyres. Renault did then decide to theme all their tweets to him for the rest of the race as quotes from Top Gun. As @PlanetOfTheApex remarked, there weren’t that many quotes available…


9th place is @SkySportsF1 for cleverly deducing what Mercedes’ garage guest, Rubens Barrichello, was actually asking Toto:


8th place goes to @JamesWagnerTW after Hartley was forced to retire … again … following a somewhat tense weekend between Toro Rosso and Renault:


In 7th place is @coledinho1984 depicting lap 1 for anyone who may have missed the start of the race:


6th place goes to @TimWagner66 following the Lap 1 carnage that saw K-Mag retire and Grosjean taking his car for a spin and picking up Ocon along the way …


In 5th place is @OfficialMinis towards the end of the race when Hamilton was right up Kimi’s backside and desperate to overtake to pip him to third … **spoileralert** it wasn’t to be:


4th place goes to @stargateoracle as Hamilton was steaming through the field to finish in 4th, having started in the pitlane:


3rd place is @iGPManager with an accurate pitwall radio transcription of Grosjean’s engineer telling him he had received penalty for that spin in which he picked up Ocon on lap 1:


This week’s runner-up in 2nd place is @PitCrew_Online after Verstappen told his engineers what he thought of his tyres during the second stint of the race:


And this week’s winner, in 1st place, winning kudos until Abu Dhabi is @LastLapPodcast for this tweet showing The Stoff trying to make it back to the pitlane having parked his car somewhere near the in-field…rather him than me:


So, that’s it.

One more round of the Funniest Tweet Awards to go this season.

If you want to be in with a chance of your tweet making it into this little competition, the rules are super simple:

  • Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and I’ll follow back
  • From lights out until the chequered flag tweet your funniest tweets
  • Make sure you tag me too, just in case I miss them
  • After the flag comes down, sit and wait patiently until the blog goes up
  • Results will be on Twitter
  • Good luck

So, see you in Abu Dhabi. I’m off to hunt out my belly dancing outfit.

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Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Mexico Grand Prix 2017

In a race where the Championship title would, more than likely, be decided who would have thought *spoiler alert* that the two leading players would end up at the back of the grid after the first lap.

71 laps then followed of them trying to move up through the field. Vettel desperate to reach 2nd, whilst Lewis only needed to reach 9 to be sure of becoming World Champion for the 4th time.

With this drama playing out, we also had a Greek tragedy unfolding as Renault engines were dying quicker than the cast members in Les Miserables.

All of which, of course, made for probably the best bunch of hilariously funny tweets this season.

So, without further ado, let’s get the champagne corks popping for this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards:

In 10th place is @SkyF1Insider for the first of two tweets with this image following a misunderstanding of Hartley’s radio communication that he had a leak:

hartley fire 2

In 9th place is @El85 for showing us Vettel’s mentor following a couple of ‘could be considered’ dubious overtaking tactics:


8th place goes to @wtf1official for posing this question whilst Ocon was running in 4th for the majority of the race until Vettel overtook:


In 7th place is @timwagner66 for this tweet following Hulkenberg’s precise instructions on how to extract himself from his stricken Renault:


6th place is @LastLapPodcast for a sneaky peek into Mercedes’ strategy plan after the slight mishap on Lap 1 that left Lewis plum last:


Your top 5 looks like this pop-pickers. In 5th place is a newbie to the competition @neilcole for this tweet after Lewis asked a question and then told Bono that he would like a reply:


4th place goes to @dibhayles after Vettel was told he was 23 seconds behind Raikonnen for 3rd place, his reaction? ‘Mamma Mia’ or maybe he was just auditioning for Mamma Mia 2?


In 3rd place is @TarasDemerson for an accurate depiction of Hulk getting out of his Renault, which had a critical electrical fault!


2nd place is @JamesWagnerTW who issued this warning after the 4th Renault powered car broke down:


This week’s winner, without a shadow of doubt – because it made me giggle uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes is @mrjakehumphrey with THAT picture clearly showing that new boy on the grid Brendon Hartley had had one Red Bull too many, or was just helping put out his engine fire!


As we leave Mexico, the fat lady has indeed sung. The curtain has come down on this year’s driver’s world championship and Lewis Hamilton has joined the 4-times winner’s club.

But, there are still 2 races left and the Funniest Tweet Awards championships are still all to play for.

We’ll be back in Brazil in 2 weeks time ready to go with some more funny tweets.

If you want to have a go the rules are simple:

  1. Follw me on Twitter (@pitlane_girl) – I’ll follow back
  2. Tweet your funniest tweets during the race (that’s from lights out to the chequered flag)
  3. OR Retweet a funny tweet, but tag me in the post
  4. I decide the top 10
  5. You win kudos and bragging rights until the next race – and score points on the leaderboard

In the meantime, I’m off to dust off my Barry Manilow album, put on my showgirl outfit, add some yellow feathers to my hair, don my dancing shoes and do the samba – after all I am Lola, I am that showgirl!

Til next time. xx

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Top 10 Funniest Tweets – United States Grand Prix 2017

Austin, Texas – summons up images of cowboys, 10-gallon hats and barbecues.

This week Liberty decided to ‘spice things up’ pre-race – the cars made their way to the track earlier, we had an early gridwalk and then it all went a little bit Hollywood.

Legendary sports MC, Michael Buffer, took to the microphone to introduce the entire drivers grid in a style that was more WWF than F1. To be honest, I could have run an entire Funniest Tweet competition just in that 15 minutes. But, rules are rules, and the rules of my competition are funny tweets between lights out and the chequered flag.

They seemed to be the longest 15 minutes of my life, but finally it was over and the drivers got back to focusing on the imminent race ahead.

After the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, sent the drivers on their formation lap it was eyes down for the funny tweets. And boy, did they come in fast and furiously.

But before we get down to the Top 10 for this week, I have an honorary ‘cute’ tweet awarded by small boy – possibly just because of the little dog in the gif. So @BadgerGP, this week’s ‘cute’ tweet award goes to you.


But without further ado, here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the United States Grand Prix 2017:

In 10th place is @TarasDemerson after Red Bull pitted Max Verstappen on Lap 39 to give him fresher tyres to finish the race and grab a few more places. He drove stonking race having started in P16 and finished in 4th (following a last-minute 5-sec penalty for a track limit infringement as he passed Kimi, saw his 3rd place taken away from him)


9th place goes to @SkySportsF1 – who doesn’t feel sorry for Alonso? Honda engines haven’t exactly endeared themselves to Alonso this year, especially in the United States – Indy and now Austin. Double whammy!


In 8th place @SkyF1Insider for this tweet questioning the size of American birds – the flying variety following this shadow that was cast across the track at Turn 1 … or was it just clever CGI??


In 7th place @TheBishF1 reckoned that after another Honda engine failure that Alonso could be working on a new track for his debut album, ‘Fernando and the Engineers’. A cover of the Pink Floyd hit ‘Another hole in the wall’!


In 6th place @PHortonF1 charting Verstappen’s progress through the field during the race, and then just biding his time to attack the Ferraris.


And here’s your top 5. In 5th place @LBraking following Red Bull pitting Max Verstappen, clearly channelling their inner Baldrick’s with a cunning plan.


4th place goes to @timwagner66 for this tweet following the fantastic wheel-to-wheel action between Bottas and Ricciardo early in the race as they battled for 3rd place.


In 3rd place is @JamesWagnerTW for this tweet later in the race as Bottas was passed, with ease, by Kimi, Vettel and then Verstappen. He did appear to be going backwards, despite some great position battles earlier in the race.


In 2nd place is @GvanderGarde for this tweet as K-Mag made his way through back-end of the grid, without incident as well!


This week’s winner, in 1st place is @F1Racing_mag – it seems with all the razamatazz that Liberty introduced this race, good or bad, there were a couple of guests that didn’t make the guest list. They would have come in handy when it came to the Force India drivers being behind each other again.


So, there you have for this week.

The Driver’s Championship is still up for grabs and The Funniest Tweet Award Championship is still fairly open.

If you want to take part in the funny tweet competition just follow me on Twitter, @Pitlane_Girl, and post funny tweets between lights out and the chequered flag.

Three races of the season left. Next stop Mexico.

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Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Japanese Grand Prix 2017

An early alarm call this Sunday morning, as the F1 circus moved to Suzuka, and even before the lights went out there looked like there could be a problem with Vettel’s Ferrari. Spark plugs being the problem.

I also woke up to the news that it would be Jolyon Palmer’s last race for Renault and that for the rest of the season Carlos Sainz would move from Toro Rosso to replace him.

Leaving us to ponder, speculate and make outrageous guesses as to who will replace him at Toro Rosso for the rest of the season, as it also appears that Honda want Gasly to complete the 2017 Super Formula Championship.

But what would the race be without my Funniest Tweet Awards? And with the battle for 2017 Funniest Tweet Award championships tighter than the F1 drivers championship, it’s anyone’s to still to win.

So, here are this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards:

In 10th place is @HaasF1Team who perked up at the mention of food. There was a gluttony of food-related tweets during this race…


9th place goes to @MercedesAMGF1 re-imagining the iconic Top Gun poster


8th place goes to @ForceIndiaF1 AND @MercedesAMGF1, the inter-team banter was on fire during this race…


7th place  goes to @F1fanboy2007 for Alonso’s fight with Stroll for P14


In 6th place is @JamesWagnerTW after ‘The Hulk’ pitted due to a problem and there were shots of an engineer literally whacking the car to resolve the problem, before they decided the problem was terminal and retired the car. ‘If in doubt, give it a clout!’


Into the top 5, in 5th place is @timwagner66 for a what seemed a fairly accurate depiction of the Ferrari race engineers today…


4th place goes to @stargateoracle for this tweet after Perez was told under no circumstances was he to overtake his team-mate…


In 3rd place is @F1 for this meme of Vettel following **spoiler alert** his retirement, seems like those spark plugs weren’t fixed after all…


In 2nd place is @charlie_whiting for this tweet following Vettel’s retirement about the fate of Ferrari’s championship hopes for 2017


This week’s winner, in 1st place is @F1taxi for this hilarious tweet after Stroll got a puncture, ran over the grass on the Esse-bends and slid back onto the track, narrowly avoiding colliding with Ricciardo’s Red Bull, before coming to a halt on the edge of the track


It wasn’t the most exciting race of the season, with the exception of the final two laps. Is the driver’s championship all but sewn up for this year? What has happened to Ferrari? And who will be driving in the Toro Rosso’s in Austin in two week’s time?

It’s half term, so I won’t be able to jump into the driving seat, but I will be back with the Funniest Tweet Awards for the US Grand Prix in a fortnight.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the weekly awards, just follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and I’ll follow you back, or simply tag me in your funny tweets during the race.

You win nothing but kudos and bragging rights until the next race 😉

See you in Austin, off to find my 10-gallon hat!

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Top 10 Funniest Tweets – Malaysian Grand Prix 2017

After an exciting qualifying session yesterday where Vettel failed to set a time and there was a surprise pole for Hamilton, despite the Mercedes being on the back-foot all weekend,  would the final race at the Sepang Circuit be full of excitement or a bit of a damp squib?

Thankfully, it was the former.

There was drama a-plenty even before the race started with poor old Kimi being pushed off the grid and back to the pitlane with a power unit problem. Would he be able to start from the pitlane?? **spoiler alert** he didn’t, and headed off to the hospitality unit, cue for a barrage of tweets about ice cream.

With no one to the side of him, Hamilton looked like he had the lead in the bag as he raced off to turn one at the start. However, the lack of pace Mercedes had been showing throughout the weekend came back and Hamilton was dispatched to second place by birthday boy Verstappen.

And what of Vettel, well let’s just say by lap seven he was up into the points and narrowly missed out on a podium finish.

But what of the tweets, I hear you cry. Despite the early hour, there were funny tweets filtering through my Twitter timeline at a rate of knots.

So without further ado, here are this week’s Top 10 entries in the Funniest Tweet Awards for the Malaysian Grand Prix 2017:

In 10th place is @bbcf1, following the debut of ‘Fernando & the Engineers’ album a few weeks ago, it seems Mercedes could be about to launch their new single ‘Mirrors full of scarlet’ as Vettel tore through the field to catch Bottas and chase down Hamilton.


9th place goes @timwagner66 for this tweet following Vettel’s orders over team radio were broadcast to the world…


In 8th place is @SarahFlann for observing that Bottas had to turn into Andre the Giant and make his car really big to avoid being overtaken by Vettel, to help his team-mate out. It worked … for a few laps at least!


In 7th place is @benjhunt for his accurate description of Vettel tearing through the field.


@dibhayles takes 6th place for his picture of Kimi in the hospitality suite after the start of the race. Did I mention there were a tonne of ice cream tweets??


…and the Top 5 looks like this. In 5th place is @LBraking for his live footage of Jolyon Palmer spinning around…again.


In 4th place is @stargateoracle after Alonso passed someone on track, this was before he managed to get in the way of, and annoy, Vettel slightly later in the race. Oopsie!


3rd place goes to @Planet_F1 after Toro Rosso Team Principal, Franz Tost, was being interviewed from the pit-wall by Sky Sports. Ouch!!


In 2nd place is @josievs for designing the ‘Verstappen fan good luck outfit’ – following his recent run of bad luck he certainly needed it. Thankfully, today, it wasn’t needed, but it’s always good to have something, just in case, don’t you think?


This week’s winner, in 1st place, is everyone’s favourite F1 team @RenaultSportF1 after Alonso agreed with The Hulk about K-Mag. There seemed to be a lot of people K-Mag annoyed this race. And I think the balls thing is not going to go away quietly!


So, there you have it, the Top 10 Funniest Tweets from the very last Malaysian Grand Prix.

With five races left in the season both the F1 Drivers’ Championship AND the 2017 Funniest Tweet Awards Championship will go down to the wire.

If you want to be in with a chance of competing in my Funniest Tweet Awards (which is now in its 2nd season), all you have to do it follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl), I’ll follow back, and then devise funny tweets during the race. Simple!

We’ll be back next week from Japan.

In the meantime … sayonara.

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Top 5 songs that sum up the Singapore Grand Prix 2017

Before the memory of Sunday’s race fades into the distance, I thought I would try to sum up the race in five pop songs.

So here goes…

Number 5

With Vettel on pole and Lewis Hamilton staring in 5th, Mercedes’ mantra before the race was ‘damage limitation’. On a track that played to Ferrari’s strengths it was odds on that Vettel would regain the lead in the world championship title fight whilst Hamilton’s job was to try to minimise that gain.

However, bad weather in the form of a torrential downpour arrived in Marina Bay just hours before lights out. With the rain starting again half an hour before the race, one driver in particular was probably singing this little tune, “I love a rainy night‘ by Eddie Rabbitt:

Number 4

Combine the rain and driving at night, it was inevitable that there would be at least one safety car appearance during the race. However, I don’t think anyone predicted the carnage that took place at the first corner, leading to the pole-sitter and both 2nd and 3rd placed cars not making it passed the first bend.

So, at number 4 it really has to be this fab tune by The Primitives, ‘Crash‘:

Number 3

Once the race concluded, it was down to Hamilton to profess that having needed a miracle, he certainly got one. So, making it onto the list at number three has to be Hot Chocolate with ‘Sexy Thing‘:

Number 2

Whilst Hamilton, Ricciardo and Bottas celebrated the spoils on the podium the three drivers who crashed out were left licking their wounds and blaming each other. With the stewards ruling that there was no one to blame, social media had other ideas laying the cause squarely at the feet of Vettel.

Number 2’s song is quite simply Elton John with  ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word‘:

Number 1

Following ‘that crash’, there was ‘that tweet’ from Ferrari:

So pop-pickers, this has to be top of the pops for the Singapore Grand Prix 2017, EMF with ‘Unbelievable‘!

Enjoy 😉

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