Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Japanese Grand Prix 2019

With Typhoon Hagibis (or Haggis as it was lovingly renamed) meaning that Saturday running was completely cancelled, Super Sunday certainly lived up to its name.

Qualifying and the race all on the one day. Some fans were pulling all-nighters, personally, I opted for a two-stop strategy to watch both qualifying, at 2am, and then back to bed with an alarm ready to be up in time for lights out at ten past six.

Weirdly I felt so awake at 2am, couldn’t and didn’t fall back into a deep sleep, and was wide awake at 5, ready for the race build up.

Because it didn’t appear during the race, this tweet from @Jonty_Corner gets an honorary mention, summing up F1 fans everywhere as they tuned in for Super Sunday:

And we were not disappointed.

Ferrari took an unexpected 1-2 and looked like they could, once again take the race to Mercedes. This was before lights out and, as ‘3 Legs 4 Wheels‘ put it, they managed to Ferrari it up!

There was overtaking a-plenty, some close shaves akin to Mario-Kart, but it seems that’s OK these days.

In the end Mercedes emerged triumphant, claiming the top spot and enough points to secure them the Constructor’s title for the sixth consecutive year. No matter which team you support, they have to be applauded for such an amazing feat.

I thought, due to the early hour that funny tweets might be few and far between. But, oh, how wrong I was.

There were a plethora, which certainly kept me busy.

Judging and one cup (extra large) of tea later, I now present this week’s Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Japanese Grand Prix 2019:

10th place

@tpot211 and this tweet following the ‘hard’ racing and overtake between Albon and Norris. What are your thoughts on this new, very close, rubbing racing that the stewards seem to be turning a blind eye to these days?

9th place

@MinxyD14 with a shout out to Daniel Ricciardo who started the race in 16th and coolly made his way through the field, with some classic ‘honey badger’ moves to finish in 7th.

8th place

@RedBullUK with this tweet on how to explain the race, strategies and what happened to those who didn’t get up to watch the race.

7th place

@timwagner66 with live onboard footage as Magnussen reports issues with his car seat…

6th place

@TarasDemerson with a sneak peak of a brand new exhibit in the offing at Suzuka for next year, following the opening lap collisions/racing incidents/occurrences of hard racing and mirrors dropping off.

5th place

@toonarmy with live footage of the Ferrari pit wall at the beginning of the race. Toto has that ‘Tactics’ button, this appears to be Ferrari’s version. To be fair, the opening didn’t reflect the results of the race. P2 and P6 were not to be sniffed at. That Ferrari has got a great package as can be observed with Leclerc’s route through the field after he found himself near the back following his collision (steward’s are still deliberating) with Verstappen on the first corner.

4th place

@StephenCole1984 with live footage from the steward’s room as they backtrack on decisions. What is your opinion on the Leclerc/Verstappen collision on the opening lap? Was their first decision of ‘no further action’ the right one, or should they have investigated straight away? Also, what about the Albon/Norris incident?

3rd place

@dibhayles with live footage from the pitlane as Vettel slammed on the brakes to reach the maximum pit speed limit, during his first pitstop.

2nd place

@stargateoracle with a replay of the start of the race …

1st place

@RJoseRazoJr with live, onboard footage as Leclerc overtook Gasly on the ‘Spoon’ corner.

And there are the Top 10 Funniest Tweets for the Japanese Grand Prix.

There were so many to choose from and, as always, I really had a difficult choice.

All of the entries are on my Twitter feed (@Pitlane_Girl).

Now I want to hear from you.

Which one of these is your favourite?

Or did you find another tweet that I may have missed?

Either way, let me know in the comments below.

The Funniest Tweets will be back in a fortnight for the Mexican Grand Prix.

If you want to take part, get practising.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. During the race (lights out to the chequered flag) tweet something funny
  3. Tag / @ me (or I will miss it)
  4. Cross your fingers

And that’s it.

Right now though, I’m going to have another cup of tea and maybe a little snooze.

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F1 Bake Off – Round 17 – Japan

You can’t beat cheesecake, so when I found a recipe for Japanese cheesecake I simply had to give it a go.

This cheesecake recipe is definitely worth having a go at making.

But be warned, you will need to use a very big bowl. I used a standard sized bowl to make up the egg mixture, but when I added the meringue I found the mixture nearly, very nearly spilled over the top.

I also couldn’t use the water bath in the oven as described in the video. So, as an alternative, which I have used before when making cheesecake, I popped a container with the boiling water underneath the shelf when cooking the cheesecake.

The water bath is purely to help the cheesecake get a creamier texture, so it isn’t an essential part of the make as, say, cream cheese.

But back to the recipe. It is very easy, and fairly quick to put together and make.

The recipe I used came from ‘Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking‘ website:

Japanese Cheesecake


  • 1 cup (8oz/225g) cream cheese
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 7 tablespoons milk
  • 6 large eggs , separated
  • 1 ½ tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • ¾ cup (6oz/170g) granulated sugar, divided
  • ¾ cup (3 3/4oz/105g) cake flour
  • 2 ½ tablespoons corn starch
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 C / 400 F /Gas Mark 6 / 180 C (Fan)
  2. Grease and line an 8-inch springform tin. (A 9-inch round cake pan will also work.)
  3. Line a deep baking tray with kitchen cloth. The baking tray has to be larger than the springform tin. You are creating a water bath to bake your cheesecake in. You want to have everything ready to go so you can bake off your cheesecake straight away.
  4. Melt together the cream cheese, butter and milk in the microwave for roughly 1½ minutes
  5. Whisk the mix until there are no more lumps
  6. Next, whisk in the egg yolk, lemon juice, vanilla extract and half the sugar
  7. Place a sieve over the bowl and add in the self raising flour, cornflour and salt
  8. Sieve into the cream cheese mix
  9. Whisk in the dry ingredients until there are no more lumps
  10. Set aside
  11. Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, whip the egg whites with the whisk attachment on medium speed
  12. When the meringue starts to take shape, add the cream of tartar Once thick and at soft peak stage, slowly add the remaining sugar Whip until meringue turns glossy, has increased in volume and holds a stiff peak
  13. Using a thin edged metal spoon, take 1/3 of meringue and fold it into the cream cheese batter to loosen the mixture
  14. Cut and fold the meringue swiftly but gently to minimize deflation of the meringue
  15. Fold in the remaining meringue until blended
  16. The resulting batter be light and airy at this point should.
  17. Pour the cheesecake batter into the prepared cake pan
  18. Place the cake pan in the larger dish then place both in the oven
  19. Pour hot water into the water bath until about half way up the sides of the cake pan. Be careful not to splash water into the batter
  20. Bake on the bottom rack of the preheated oven for 18 minutes
  21. Then lower the temperature to 160 C / 325 F / Gas Mark 3 / 140 C (Fan) and bake for 12 mins only
  22. Then turn off the oven and open the door of the oven slightly for 30 minutes
  23. Remove the cheesecake from the oven completely to cool at room temp
  24. Turn out the cheesecake from the pan onto a cake plate and serve
  25. Store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days


  • As I mentioned I didn’t use a water bath as described in the method – purely due to lack of tins big enough. What I did was to use the biggest tin I had an pop underneath the bottom shelf, filled with water to assist with the steam. I really must sort out the proper equipment
  • When you make the egg yolk mixture make sure you use a big bowl. When you add the meringue it will increase the volume of the mixture and if the bowl isn’t big enough, the cheesecake mixture could (not that I’m saying mine did) spill over the side of the bowl!
  • Make sure you really do let it cool to room temperature. I cut mine a little bit too early and had that ‘uh-oh’ moment as the middle still wasn’t quite set and I thought I’d messed up … again! But when it was completely cold, it proved that it certainly hadn’t been messed up.

Despite my initial reservations, having cut too early, it really was a delicious cheesecake.

And I will definitely be making it again. Here’s my attempt:

japanese cheesecake in a bowl

And here’s how I made it:

So, will you be giving this one a go?

Or is there another Japanese cake/dessert recipe that you would recommend?

Either way let me know in the comments.

The F1 Bake Off will be back in a fortnight for the Mexican Grand Prix.

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F1 Book Club – Round 16 – Russia

A little bit later than usual, OK a whole two weeks later than usual, but I’ve finally got round to doing the F1 Book Club for Russia.

I ran out of time, and haven’t done the video until now, because I was very croaky and looked like death warmed up!

For the Russian GP I decided to avoid Tolstoy like the plague and stick with my favourite Russian author/dramatist … Anton Chekhov.

I was in a production of ‘Three Sisters’ many years ago, playing Irina the youngest sister, and fell in love with his writing.

Yes, this is me!!

Chekhov’s writing is actually very funny.

He has a very dry sense of humour and his writing is about bad things that happen to ordinary, everyday people and written the way people speak.

Like Shakespeare, Chekhov benefits greatly from being heard aloud as opposed to just being read.

So, I can thoroughly recommend that you check out a Chekhov play at least once 😉

Here’s my online review:

Are you a Chekhov fan or do you prefer any other 20th century Russian authors??

Or maybe you could recommend a modern-day Russian author and/or book?

Either way let me know in the comments below.

Next up, the Japanese Book Club.

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Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards ‘Ferrari’ edition – Russian Grand Prix 2019

So, welcome to yet another ‘Ferrari’ special edition of the Funniest Tweet Awards, where the Black Sea resort of Sochi provided the perfect backdrop for yet another Ferrari strategy to float off into the distance.

It started so well, as well.

Leclerc on pole, Vettel managed to grab the slipstream and take the lead on the opening few corners.

Ferrari looked dominant and in a commanding position for a 1-2 finish.

And then …

… came …

… the radio message!

Cue for tiaras and teddies to be thrown out of the pram and Vettel appearing to do a ‘multi-21’ all over again.

Chaos ensued and Ferrari ended the day with one DNF and a 3rd place, whilst the strategists were left scratching their heads …

Of course, all of this played beautifully into the hands of Twitter who went into overdrive with funny tweets.

So here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweets for the Ferrari edition of the Russian Grand Prix Funniest Tweet Awards:

10th place


@EnvisVirginFan AND @traceyp_03 who both submitted the exact same tweet atthe same time! Live footage of Leclerc driving during the radio communications when Vettel did not let him pass … apparently that had been agreed prior to the race … must have slipped Seb’s mind. Mind you, that wouldn’t have been the first time, just ask Mark Webber.

9th place

@alexdiro with Ferrari’s treatment of Leclerc in 2019, shown in interpretive dance form.

8th place

@pete_bull with live onboard footage with Charles Leclerc as he continued to request a swap back on the radio.

7th place

@ticketyboo67 with a question most F1 fans, and especially Ferrrai fans need answering … anyone?

6th place

@andersonglenn5 with live onboard footage of Vettel, following Ferrari’s radio communication to Leclerc that Vettel would let him pass on the following lap!

5th place

@RacingPointF1 with a different take on what really happened over the Ferrari radio …

4th place

@RJoseRazoJr with more onboard footage of Leclerc’s tantrum (of sorts) …

3rd place

@timwagner66 with footage of every single F1 fan tuning into Ferrari FM as 👇👇👇

2nd place

@Jontys_Coner with footage from the Ferrari strategists office as they listen to the radio communications getting a little heated…

1st place

@fonchonato with live footage of what Vettel was actually hearing during those Ferrari radio communications!

So that concludes this week’s editions of the Funniest Tweet Awards.

The next round will be in a fortnight as the F1 circus heads to Japan.

If you want to take part it’s super easy.

  1. Follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl)
  2. Tweet something funny – between lights out and the chequered flag
  3. Make sure you tag/@ me (otherwise I might miss it)
  4. Cross fingers your tweet gets chosen

Now I want to hear from you.

What were your thoughts on the Ferrari orders/strategy/debacle?

Which one of these tweets is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments

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Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Russian Grand Prix 2019

Another Grand Prix, another great race.

Not as frantic as recent races have been, granted, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have a race on our hands.

There were some great drives, especially from Alex Albon in the Red Bull who started in the pitlane and finished 5th and Carlos Sainz, in the McLaren who very nearly made third place on by the second corner and finished in 6th.

And there were some racers who didn’t have the best afternoon, for one reason or another.

Poor Grosjean, who’s race finished a few seconds after it began as he crashed out causing the first safety car of the race and was fairly blameless in his part in the crash … for once!

Then we had … the Ferrari drivers, Ferrari strategy and team orders, and they merit a spepial edition’ Funniest Tweet Awards.

Talking of funny tweets, I was inundated with so many hilarious tweets it made choosing just 10 very, very difficult indeed.

But judge them I did, so here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Russian Grand Prix 2019:

10th place

@ThePinkStig with live footage as Ricciardo limps back to the pits after suffering a puncture on the first lap in the incident that ended Grosjean’s race

9th place

Talking of Grosjean, here’s @RJoseRazoJr with an action replay of how his race ended.

8th place

@dibhayles with a conspiracy theory about how Charles Leclerc lost the race … not sure I really agree, but the gif made me chuckle.

7th place

@Cole_not_Coal_ with live onboard footage from Bottas’s car following the 2nd safety car restart which saw Leclerc gaining and gaining with every lap.

6th place

@sootycorbett with live footage from the Ferrari cool-down room following Vettel’s retirement. So that’s why he didn’t listen to team orders ….

5th place

@devsingh872 with live footage from the statistician’s room at the Russian Grand Prix after they worked out the likelihood of Grosjean crashing and it not being his fault … it wasn’t, thus proving that sometimes, the impossible can sometimes happen!

4th place

@timwagner66 and a sneak peak into the offices of Rich Energy ‘the one-time sponsor of Haas, you know the ones who tweet’ as they watch the race and see Ferrari’s plan unravelling faster than a ball of wool and realise they aren’t the joke of this weekend … at least.

3rd place

@ProtoAko with a sneak peak at the top secret Mercedes strategy for 2019.

2nd place

@PatrickSikler with a replay of Raikkonen’s jump start as the lights went out. Oops!

@tooonarmy with live footage of the Ferrari engineers following Leclerc’s radio message that he needed more power to pass Bottas.

So there are your Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Russian Grand Prix 2019, keep your eyes peeled for a Ferrari special edition, landed on t’interweb soon.

Which is your favourite of these 10?

Let me know in the comments.

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F1 Bake Off – Round 16 – Russia

I found the most wonderful recipe for this week’s Russian Grand Prix, ‘Limonnik’, a lemon pie that isn’t too sweet or too sour.

Like Goldilocks said: “It’s just right!”

The recipe itself is very simple. It’s vegetarian because it doesn’t use eggs, and by replacing the butter with vegan margarine it lends itself for any vegans out there.

I borrowed the recipe from the ‘Russia Beyond‘ website:




  • 200g butter
  • 3 cups (approx 330g) wholegrain or wheat flour – I used plain flour
  • 3/4 cup (125-150ml) room temperature water
  • 1 tablespoon Dry Yeast
  • 1 teaspoon Caster Sugar (or brown sugar)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon starch

Lemon filling

  • 1 or 2 lemons
  • 1 cup (approx 225g) caster sugar


  • Dissolve the sugar in room temperature water and add the yeast
  • Mix and let the yeast leaven for 15 minutes until it froths
  • Meanwhile, start preparing the dough
  • Place the soft butter and the pinch of salt into sifted flour
  • Rub the butter and flour until crumbs are formed
  • Make a crater with the crumbs and pour the leavened yeast inside
  • Carefully knead the dough but not for long – shortcrust dough needs quick kneading
  • Make a ball out of it, and then place the dough into a bowl
  • Cover with a towel and let sit for 40 minutes. During this time, it should double in size
  • Whilst the dough is rising, make the sweet filing
  • Boil the lemon(s) for one minute and then pour cold water over them – this will remove the peel’s bitterness
  • Slice the fruit, remove the pits
  • Mix the slices in a mincer or blender
  • Before placing the filling onto the dough, add sugar to the lemon and mix – this will prevent the lemon from cooling, and the filling will be more compact
  • Separate the dough into two parts, one larger than the other – roughly 2/3 to 1/3
  • Roll out the bigger part and place it into a baking pan lined with greasproof paper
  • You can make the edges with your hands and cut out the redundant dough
  • Then sprinkle the starch over the cake so that it doesn’t allow the dough to absorb the filling
  • With a spoon, place the lemon filling onto the cake, distributing it evenly over the baking pan
  • Roll out the second part of the dough and cover the pie
  • Tuck in the edges
  • With a fork, puncture the top part of the pie so the steam can rise through them
  • Bake the pie for 30-35 minutes in a pre-heated oven (180 C / 350 F / Gas Mark 4 / 160 C (Fan)
  • When the pie cools, cut into squares, which can be sprinkled with sugar icing. The filling becomes soft, with a slightly sour taste, like lemon jelly.

The only issue I had, is when it came to using the yeast. As you know, if you’ve been following my Bake Offs, my track record with yeast isn’t the best.

Now this recipe calls for dried yeast to be added to the water and sugar BUT the instructions on my tin of ‘dried active yeast’ specifically stated not to add to liquid, but to add to the dry ingredients and then add the water.

So that’s what I did, but the pastry didn’t rise like it was supposed to. Or at least not like I could see anyway.

So what is it with yeast? And why can’t I ever seem to have any success with yeast recipes?

Although to be fair, the lack of yeast action didn’t detract from the lushness of the ‘limonnik’.


It was very, very tasty and I can thoroughly recommend making it to munch on during the race on Sunday!!

Here’s how I got on:

Will you be giving this a go?

Let me know in the comments.

The F1 Bake Off will return in two week’s time for the Japanese Grand Prix.

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Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards – Singapore Grand Prix 2019

Were you entertained by the Singapore Grand Prix?

If I’m honest, it wasn’t the most exciting race of the season, but it definitely had its moments underneath the 1,600 lights of the Marina Bay Circuit.

Who would have thought yesterday, that (** SPOILER ALERT**) Sebastian Vettel would take his first win since last year’s Belgian Grand Prix? That certainly spoiled my fantasy league results.

Strategy, it seemed was the name of the game today. Ferrari got it right (shocker, I know) and Mercedes didn’t quite get it right.

Then, of course, the safety car kept up it’s record of leading the most laps at the Singapore Grand Prix, after being called out three times during the race.

Whilst this was going on, as always Twitter was awash with funny tweets to capture different moments of the race.

My timeline was inundated and this week I really struggled to whittle it down to just 10. (If you want to see all the tweets I considered they are all on my Twitter timeline).

But, after a well-needed cup of tea, whittle them down I did. So here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweet Awards for the Singapore Grand Prix 2019:

10th place

@Charliebartman with footage from every single Formula 1 fan around the world watching the race and seeing the top three cars were; Giovanazzi, Gasly and Hulkenberg

9th place

@PatrickSikler with live footage of the early stages of the race as the front runners were running behind a slow moving Charles Leclerc and all the action was going on from mid-field downwards.

8th place

@MichaelGierula capturing the moment that Kimi’s Alfa got torpedoed by Kvyat’s Toro Rosso

7th place

@RacingPointF1 with live footage from the pitwall of the team strategists following the call to deploy the safety car. If this was their reaction after the first safety period, goodness only knows what they were like after the safety car was deployed for a third time?? (Thanks to @Charliebartman for retweeting this to me)

6th place

@EnvisVirginFan and the reaction from the #77 car when this radio communication came in …

5th place

@TarasDemerson with this tweet of the reaction of Mercedes fans around the world, when Mercedes didn’t quite make the right call on pitstops and Hamilton rejoined in fourth, where he would stay for the rest of the race.

4th place

@stargateoracle with live onboard footage from Hamilton’s car on the opening lap as he managed to fend off Vettel’s attacking Ferrari.

3rd place

@timwagner66 with video footage of Carlos Sainz limping back to the pits in the early stages of the race having sustained damage to his rear (!) on the opening lap.

2nd place

@Jontys_Corner who clears up the reason for the first safety car. Clearly it was nothing more than a mis-communication between Haas and Grosjean 🙄 🙄 🙄

(So who had Grosjean in the sweepstake for causing a collision?)

1st place

@Beomoose with live onboard footage from the safety car after it was deployed for the third time during the race!!

And there you have it. This week’s Funniest Tweet Awards.

What was your favourite from the list? Or perhaps you came across another funny tweet that I missed.

Either way, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to take part, it’s very easy. Simply follow me on Twitter (@Pitlane_Girl) and during the race, from lights out to the chequered flag, tweet something funny, make sure you @ me, and then cross your fingers! (You win nothing but kudos and bragging rights and are awarded points in the championship)

The next Funniest Tweet Awards will be next week at the Russian Grand Prix.

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